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Tackling the Team Marco Vassi

Tackling the Team

Marco Vassi

Published January 1st 2014
ISBN : 9781306803090
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 About the Book 

I suppose I should have stuck it through until graduation if I hadnt met Jeff. The only alternative was getting a job, and without a degree there werent too many interesting possibilities. Also, on the basic level of material comfort, I didnt have anything to complain about. The campus was extremely pretty. On the night I first saw Jeff I had been without sex for almost three months, and it was making me more than a little jittery. It may say sound unladylike to put it this way, but when he asked me to the party, all I could think was . . . Read more of Julie Ann DeWitts scintillating tale, as told to Marco Vassi. Tackling the Team is one of Vassis most daring works, written in the voice of Julie Ann DeWitt (as told to Marco Vassi).