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Touch of Darkness J. Michael Radcliffe

Touch of Darkness

J. Michael Radcliffe

Kindle Edition
282 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

“…There was a sudden flash, and two large, yellow, cat-like eyes appeared before him in the darkness. Rami stumbled backward, unable to see in the jet-black surroundings. “You killed them Rami, their blood is on your hands …” Rami felt something warm and wet dripping from his hands, and he frantically wiped them on his tunic as he continued to stumble blindly, desperate to escape the eyes. He pitched backwards as the stone give way beneath him, and he tumbled into the darkness. The voice dissolved into harsh laughter, echoing all around him. Then he woke up, screaming…”Alone and on the run from his past, Rami is tormented by the dark spirit that haunts his dreams. Terrified of the power he may possess, he must find a way to control it before it drives him insane. When he finds himself thrown into an unlikely partnership with the alluring and stubborn daughter of a caravan leader, he soon realizes she may be his downfall. Like a moth to a flame, Amirah is drawn to Rami and his mysterious past. Together they must find the long lost ‘Book of the Dead,’ before they are consumed by the darkness.